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Bad Beauty Minks in Brisbane

Bad Beauty Minks in Brisbane

•100% Mink fur. They offer a whisky and fluttery look with a natural finish. 
•Pack includes tweezers while supplies last. 25 MM length or HD mink lash of purchase. Eyelash glue adhesive not included. 
•Durable and reusable: With proper care and gentle use up to 15-20 times wear. Use eyelash adhesive or magnetic lash glue to apply. Can be removed with eye makeup. 
•Trim to fit: Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eye. Lashes can be cut to the suitable length and curve of your natural lash line. •”Bad Beauty” Mink lashes are comfortable, and guarantee a non-heavy all day wear. 
•All products are disinfected before shipping for quality care.
    $15.00 Regular Price
    $12.75Sale Price
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